7 Ways to Save Money on Kids’ Clothes (When They Are Growing Like Weeds)

7 Ways to Save Money on Kids’ Clothes (When They Are Growing Like Weeds)

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Children can grow quickly. For many parents, keeping their kids in clothes is challenging. If your child is growing like a weed, it can put a strain on your budget. Finding ways to save money on kids’ clothes becomes essential. Otherwise, your children end up spending more time in clothing that doesn’t fit, and that isn’t ideal.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to reduce the cost of children’s clothes. Here are seven ways to save money on kids’ clothes.

1. Sell Old Clothes to Buy the Next Round

When your kid has outgrown their clothes, it isn’t just a signal to buy more stuff; it’s also a sign that the older items need to make their way out of your home. Instead of just tossing out what doesn’t fit, go through your child’s clothing. Identify pieces that are in good condition. Then, find a way to sell them.

If the weather is nice, you might want to throw a garage sale. You may be able to score a buck or two each for regular clothing, and a bit more for items like coats.

For times of the year when that won’t work, consider selling the used items on ThredUp, OfferUp, LetGo, Poshmark, eBay, or Facebook. Heading to a consignment shop might be a great alternative, too.

The idea is to gather up some extra cash by getting rid of the clothing that no longer fits your child. Then, you can use the proceeds to reduce the burden of the next round of clothes.

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2. Think Ahead, Then Shop on Clearance

Stores put clothing on clearance as the seasons change. The issue is, some of those items aren’t ideal for the weather you’re experiencing. As a result, getting new items that fit your child now isn’t necessarily the best move.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of these amazing prices. You just have to plan ahead. By seasonal clothes that are a bit too big for your kid today. Then, by the time the right season rolls around again, you’ve left room for them to grow, and there’s a decent chance it will fit when you need that type of attire.

3. Try Consignment Stores for Bargains

Consignment stores are like the fancier version of thrift stores. Usually, the standards regarding a clothing item’s condition are higher at consignment stores, so you might find options that are in better shape. Plus, the prices are still very reasonable, even if they are a bit more than you might pay at Goodwill.

Along with physical stores, like Once Upon a Child, you can also check out online options. Poshmark has a kids’ section, while Kidizen focuses on children’s fashion.

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4. Shop the Right Thrift Stores to Up the Quality

Most thrift stores feature items that were donated by a member of the local community. That means, by heading to the right neighborhood, you might be able to find high-quality items at incredibly prices.

Usually, this means heading to thrift stores near affluent cities, towns, districts, or neighborhoods. If you’re in an area where parents typically spend a pretty penny on their kids, then the nearby thrift store donations typically include higher quality clothing items.

5. Make the Most of Garage Sales Every Summer

Once the garage sale season starts, make the most of it. Head out to affluent neighborhoods and make sure to arrive as close to the start of the sale as possible. Bring smaller bills and get ready to bargain. Don’t focus solely on clothing that will fit your child today, but also what may fit them in the next one to two years, especially if the design is timeless or if it’s a clothing basic.

Not every garage sale outing will yield results. However, if you do find some great pieces, you’ll be getting them for a steal, more often than not.

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6. Try Discount Stores and Off-Price Retailers

There are plenty of stores that sell new items for less. Ross Dress for Less is a perfect example, as well as T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. These stores usually get overstock from manufacturers that didn’t sell initially. There’s nothing wrong with the clothes in the vast majority of cases; off-price retailers are just giving them a second chance at life.

At times, the items can be a bit irregular. For example, if a tag was accidentally sown on upside-down, it usually can’t be sold for full-price at a department or clothing store. So, it makes it ways to an off-price retailer, where it sells for less, even though the problem doesn’t hurt the clothing item in any way.

Since the discount store is doing the manufacturer a favor, in a way, they get the clothing at reduced prices. That means they can pass the savings on to you.

7. Embrace the Hand-Me-Down Cycle

When it comes to saving money, nothing beats free. If you have two children, stash your older kid’s clothing as they grow out of it. Then, when it fits your younger child, break it out again.

You can also coordinate hand-me-down exchanges with other parents. If you know people who have kids, see if they are willing to give you items that don’t fit and offer to do the same for others. You can even coordinate an exchange event, where parents gather up ill-fitting clothes, put it all in a room, and everyone can search for pieces that will work for their children now.